30+ Smashing Funny & Descriptive Drawing portraits


September 7, 2010Artwork5 Comments

Jenny Meilihove & Felix Girard are visual Artists from Jerusalem & Canada, who works as a freelance illustrators.  They primarily work with Photo shop and Painter, along with a drawing tablet, to create stunning and realistic digital Character Design & portraits.

In this post, we’ll look at 30+ Smashing Funny & Descriptive Drawing portraits, selected from their website:

Jenny Meilihove & Felix Girard

5 Responses to “30+ Smashing Funny & Descriptive Drawing portraits”
  1. Unlock

    amazing drawings … thanks for sharing

  2. ironicart

    Nice article, cool drawings

  3. jim

    this is awesome man

  4. Joan

    yeah funny, my dad will like this

  5. eastlandgrl

    interesting, thanks

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