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35 Drop dead Gorgeous Vexel art portraits of Celebrities


October 8, 2010Artwork3 Comments

Today we present probably one of the most distinguished forms of art. Basically, Vexel is the combination of two words; “Vector” and “Pixel”, and can be defined as the pixel-based form of digital art that emulates the vector graphics technique, but is different from normal vector graphics or raster images. Vexel designs can be composed by using multiple layered shapes and can be done with any image editing software that has a good pen tool like the one used in Photoshop.

Looking for some inspiring and appealing Vexel Art Celebrities? Here you go. Here we are presenting alphabetically (A to J) collection of 35 Drop dead Gorgeous vexel art portraits of Celebrities. We hope that you like them and will be inspired by it. If you like the artwork of a particular artist, feel free to explore more by clicking on the images which lead to artists’ websites.

Alicia Keys

Amy Winehouse

Angelina Jolie

Ashley Greene


Aqua Flow


Bill Kaulitz

Brtiney Spears

Brittany Murphy


Cameron Diaz

Catherine Zita Jones

Charlize Theron

Christina Ricci

Diana Kruger

Drew Berrymore

Elisa Cuthbert

Ellen Page



Emma Watson

Emmy Rossum

Eternal Flame – Rehana

Eva Mendes

Eva Longoria

Gemma Ward

Gisele Bundchen

Gwen Stefani

Hamasaki Ayumi

Heidi Klum

Mrs Cruise



Hilary Duff

Jennifer Connelly

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