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Creative Painting adverts for Absolut vodka


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Absolut Vodka is a contemporary phenomenon. First exported in 1979, Absolut Vodka quickly soared to one of the best-selling premium vodkas in the world today. Absolut Vodka ad collecting has grown enormously over the past 20 years. From eBay to numerous websites, collectors have found finding ads easier and easier.

” Creativity is that simple surprise and delight of seeing familiar things in a new way.

Absolut Vodka created a whole type of advertising that stretched the boundaries between advertising and art. The ads are all witty variations on the same simple theme: a picture of the Absolut Vodka bottle with a two to three word caption starting with the word Absolut and often saying something complimentary about the product or its consumer. A flash of recognition comes as you make the unlikely connection.

Absolut Vodka’s art commissions differ from traditional sponsorship. Instead of simply donating money to artists, we help promote talent by bringing it into the international spotlight.
Absolut Vodka has become a kind of global art gallery. Chosen artists must display those qualities of taste, refinement and originality that appeal to Absolut Vodka consumers. The artists are given complete creative freedom, the only stipulation being that the bottle must be visible in the work. Selected art sits are usually established or up-and-coming. Sometimes, however, virtual unknowns are commissioned, their work seen for the first time by a large audience.

Such was the case with “Absolut Glasnost”, a collection of works by 26 Soviet artists, many of whom had never had their art exhibited outside what was then the Soviet Union. We worked closely with art associations in Moscow to find artists who would be of international interest. The works appeared in an insert in the magazine Interview, in 1990, the issue timed to coincide with Gorbachov’s visit to the US. Naturally, Gorbachov was presented with the first copy of that issue.

Absolut Ziegler

Absolut Winkelman

Absolut White

Absolut Weber

Absolut Warhola

Absolut Wachtel

Absolut Vonnegut

Absolut VanHamersveld

Absolut Suarez

Absolut Software

Absolut Shelley

Absolut Shanahan

Absolut Schenck

Absolut Scharf

Absolut Rodrigue

Absolut Roberts

Absolut Riddle

Absolut Richter

Absolut Overstreet

Absolut Miripolsky

Absolut Mahon

Absolut Louisiana

Absolut Louisana

Absolut Lorenz

Absolut Koren

Absolut Joesam

Absolut Impiglia

Absolut Hofmekler

Absolut Hofmekler

Absolut Hirschfeld

Absolut Heritage

Absolut Hart

Absolut Haring

Absolut Hamilton

Absolut Guzman

Absolut Fulton-Ross

Absolut Environment

Absolut Edelmann

Absolut Christopher

Absolut Chast

Absolut Brooker

Absolut Britto

Absolut Billops

Absolut Beasley

Absolut Barsotti

Absolut Adams

Absolut AbsolutBlum

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