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30+ Creative combination of Photography & Photomanipulation: Andy Silvers


July 6, 2010Inspiration3 Comments

Andy Silver is one of leading photograher and graphic designer with his very creative &  unique sence of taking photographs and then manipulating them. His Education: Virginia Tech, 1993 BA Art/Graphic Design As He said: I would like to think my background in art and graphic design/advertising play a part in my photography. Creating images that are both artistic yet have a commercial feel to them.

I have had a interest in photography since I was young. It wasn’t till around 2002 that I purchased my first Digital SLR and began seriously shooting as a hobbyist. 2 years ago I made the move toward lighting and model shooting. Through the help of some good friends posing for me I’ve worked diligently developing my techniques in both lighting and editing. Photography is like life. A continuous evolution. Always growing and learning. The evolution is just beginning.


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  1. Chantelle Ccolours

    WHOA…. these are TOTALLY COOL!!!

  2. Wow. Super inspiring shots! Thanks for sharing :)

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