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35+ Funny & creative outdoor advert designs


August 3, 2010Inspiration2 Comments

With less space restrictions, outdoor advertisement has become a great stage for creative ideas  to come to life. Getting noticed in a busy street or crowded hallway isn’t easy, but the reward of reaching millions of consumers has possessed marketers to come up with some amazing , creative, funny & ridiculous outdoor advertisements.  From simple and smart ideas to big scale pieces, many are the great examples of the advertising companies creativity. Today we gathered 30 examples from around the internet so you can get some inspiration and check some really smart, funny and creative stuff!. Click on the heading or Image to see the original high-res images at adsoftheworld.com.

Look below 35+ Funny & creative outdoor advert designs and comment.

3M, Post-it: Don’t Forget Your Friends, Pink

Floralp Butter: Bread

XBox, Alan Wake: Sun dial

McDonald’s: Umbrella

XBox, Alan Wake: Coffin light

Walt Disney Prince of Persia: The Gods have a plan for you!

Olympikus Shoes: Knee

Bayer Aspirin 500: Back pain

Bayer Aspirin 500: Muscle pain

Sete Léguas Boots: Fish

SAIT Polytechnic: Aging billboards

The Co-operators Insurance Company: UFO

Instant Scratch-Its: Crossword

Sony: Make.Believe, UC

Royal Canin: Drooling dog

Berlin Discos: Bass

Instant Scratch-Its: Crossword

Carlsberg: Handles

Adidas: The Messi

Panasonic nose trimmer: Borat

Coates Hire: Stilts

Coates Hire: Digger

MorumbiShopping: Tikka

Lion Nathan Australia / Beck’s: Oppression

Minnesota Lottery’s Mega Monopoly: Woman

OXY: Graffiti

Dasani Water: Move your water, girl

United Way of Greater Milwaukee: Cardboard Roof

Something Special: Empty bottle

Pasta de Waraku: Art

Lay’s: Potatoes Installation

Olympus: Eagle

Zippo: Guitar hero

Marani eyewear: Harry Potter

SAP Consulting: Oil refinery

DO: Tank

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