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35+ Inspiring Shadow HQ Vectors for your next design

Vector design is one of my favorite design mediums.  In my research for the article I stumbled across several great examples of abstract vector design. I was so impressed with some of these works that I felt they merited their own post, which would hopefully provide great inspiration for you guys.

Have a look 35+ Inspiring Shadow HQ Vectors for your next design and give us feed back through comments.

You got to love these wallpapers. They are colorful with the shadow of black & white, bright or dark, simple but efficient, curly, swirly and lovely, they are some fine pieces of art. most of them might seem simplistic but really gorgeous and inspiring. I have to tell you (or remind you) that there are some trends among the vector graphics, you’ll see them yourself and while doing that you’ll have enough of themes like love, sports, office, evil vs good, vector rays and vector landscapes. I believe you’ll find in this collection of 35+ vector wallpapers at least a few ones for your desktop resolution and visual necessities. NOTE: some wallpapers are really very very huge in size something like 7500 x

I would love to hear which of these pieces are your favorites, or if you have any works of your own that you feel deserve a mention.


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  1. Chelsea

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  2. MamieLangley

    really Inspiring…