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40+ Awesome T-Shirt & Textile designs you will love


September 22, 2010Inspiration3 Comments

Interesting designs are everywhere. Some can be really simple looking yet able to deliver a strong message across to the public. T-Shirts are part of our daily lives. Let’s see how the professional designers inject their creativity into them! High Streets, Brands, Malls and Shops are great, but everyone gets the same t-shirts over and over, and what we get is a single design fashion show. And that sucks. Big time. So here are just a few that i’m dreaming of lately. I actually know everybody will like them as they are AWESOME… that way, I’m going to print or buy some of them.

There’s only one thing that designers love more than a clever and cool design…and that’s being able to wear it in the form of a t-shirt. Here are 40+ Awesome t-shirt & Textile Art designs found at Behance. Which one is your favorite? 😉

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  1. Shawnda Bronsky

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  3. Emma

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