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45 Awesome Surreal Fantasy Art Monsters & cReatures


June 8, 2010Inspiration3 Comments

This is one of the most stunning Surreal fantasy art post on our website that demonstrates the charm of imaginative and furious creature i.e. Dragons, animals and mythical creatures which are basically the imaginary & surreal creatures of fairyland and gaming characters. Although they are the fabled creatures, but still have created the unexplained magic of their own and this is the reason why designers from around the globe have created their own interpretation of such an amazing creature. So here we are presenting 45 awesome surreal Monsters and creatures Illustration Artworks to let you boost your imagination and creativity.

We hope everyone need to change and something different for make 3D your desktop we participating with some amazing effort of Surreal Fantasy Art and 3D desktop wallpaper,s where you seen some super hero’s, Monsters and mythical creatures with high resolution of 1920 x1200






3 Responses to “45 Awesome Surreal Fantasy Art Monsters & cReatures”
  1. Mythical Fantasy

    Good dancers will have the monsters tearing up the dance floor, racking up points along the way.

  2. marlara1987

    Awesome Post…

  3. ganni

    Great, I never knew this, thanks.