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Architechure. 20 Amazing Restaurant & Bar Designs


May 26, 2010Inspiration2 Comments

On all Special occasions we search for best of the best restaurants for ultimate dinning experience, Some time we look for good food and some time we prefer a unique & special place to sit, relax and dine. Here we have selected Architecture. 20 Amazing Restaurant & Bar Designs for your dinning inspiration.

2 Responses to “Architechure. 20 Amazing Restaurant & Bar Designs”
  1. Drew Beamer

    Wow. This is a great collection of what it really means to be able to design in a space. The colors are all wonderful and most of the furniture is extremely stylish and functional. The only problem I have is those tiny little tables!

    Drew Beamer
    Graphic Designer

  2. Emmet

    Some beautiful designs there! Especially love the one that seems really dark with what looks like floating candles! There’s a club in Galway that was redesigned recently and it looks great! There’s a video on their site but it doesn’t really show much, hopefully they’ll put up a gallery or something soon…