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Electric car! Amazing Mini Rocketman concept Car

Today we have decided to show you an amazing mini car “Electric car! Amazing Mini Rocketman concept Car”. The MINI Rocketman Concept reinterprets in a modern way the inspiring principle of the original MINI – optimizing space through creative solutions.

The MINI Rocketman has a lenght of 3.4 meters (about 30 cm less than the production model) and features a 3+1 seating interior.

The exterior design accentuates the MINI’s typical look and stance, with large 18-inch wheels, short overhangs and side mirrors and roof in contrasting white color.

Among the distinctive styling cues are the LED circular headlights, the original tail lights and the transparent roof with integrated optical fibers that represent the Union Jack flag and provide a distinctive look at night. Let’s have a look below and enjoy.

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