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40+ Showcase Of Tremendous Tiled Backgrounds For Twitter


May 16, 2012ShowCasesNo comments

Twitter is a free common networking and micro-blogging package that allow its users to post and read other users’ updates or else known as tweets, which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Everybody feels love for to choose most good-looking twitter background for their twitter profile. If you are getting bore with your live twitter background so don’t be worry any longer as today I fetches you a massive showcase of “40+ Showcase Of Tremendous Tiled Backgrounds For Twitter” for twitter lovers. So let’s have a look below, click one of your favorite and just click once on auto install to change your twitter background. Enjoy!


White Circles

 Blue Spatter

Fish Tank

Box Pattern


Tiled Santa

Snow Man

Chocolate Flowerly Patterns

Pink Squares

Spring Flower Patterns

 Carpet Patterns

Orange Circles

Retro Abstract Lines

 Watermelon Damask  

Ivy Demasked


 Falling Pattern

Wavy Repeat

 Argyle Solutions

 Color Chromatic

 Rainbow Blood Cells

80s Skulls

 Vert Striped Wallpaper

Grungy Doodles

Parcel Death


The Red

The Fern

Spring Showers

Love Colors

Love Icons

Flipflop Fever

 Crazy Babies

Girly Icons

Summer Time

Pink Retro

Plaid Hearts

I Love U

Photo Love

Punk Girls Rawk

 Punk Hearts

Circles Everywhere

Paper Color


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