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60+ Funny Showcase of Great Celebrity Caricatures


October 26, 2010ShowCases6 Comments

Every piece of art is worth eulogizing, irrespective of the way it is created. One of the most exciting and controversial forms of artwork is making caricatures. Caricature by definition is an image that distorts the attributes of a person or thing to create a humorous imitation.Caricature needs an eye that knows which feature will be the best to distort or simplify.There are many ways through which digital caricatures can be created some of which include photomanipulation.

The idea is to exaggerate the prominent features of the character and create a cartoon-like figure. Caricatures can be offensive or flattering based on the intention they are drawn. There are many awesome artists out there and there work is really worth watching. Here is a Funny showcase of 60+ great celebrity caricatures found over at deviantART & Behance. I hope you will smile, be inspired, be amazed and maybe even go over to the deviantART community to have a closer look at some of the artists behind these amazing drawings.

Mad Manson

Sofia Loren

Scarlett Johnson


Tom Cruise

Sandra Bullock

Tom Hanks

Are you talking to me? De Niro

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mr T


Julia Roberts

Angelina Jolie

Robert Pattinson

Marilyn Manson

Paris Hilton

Jennifer Garner

Jack Nicholson

Keira knightly

Marilyn Monroe

Michael Cera

Harry Potter

James Bond – Craig Daniel

Dr. Jones – Harrison Ford

Michael Jackson

Michael Scofield

Quentin Tarantino

Barak Obama


Bree Van De Kamp

Amy Winehouse

Bruce lee

Carrie Bradshaw

Cate Blanchett


Ferdinand Marcos

Forest Whitaker


Great Gambler Obama

George Lucas

Geroge Bush

Jack Bauer

Jack Shephard

JD from Scrubs

John Locke

Kanye West

Larry King

Manny Pacquiao

Senator Kerry

Snoop dogg


training Obama

Eva Mendes

Aria Giovanni

Bill Muray

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  1. salman yousaf

    these pics are really very funny i like it keep it up admin great job

  2. Natasha

    this is real funny……i cant stop laugin at this moment….wonder work once again…

  3. Billy

    Lovely collection of awesome work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Zohaib

    funny and creative. luv it

  5. Ahmad

    hehehe very funny i will save some for desktop background

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    Your post is incredible, can’t wait for more posts
    busy do holandii

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