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30+Natural Snowfall Effects Across The World


January 12, 2010ShowCases2 Comments

As in the month of January, we are enjoying the beautiful snow scene at Badger Lake! We would like to share some photos of our great snowfall! Thank you to all our residents who are helping their neighbors survive this adventure! So far, we have had only minimal power outages and no major problems to report. Driving conditions from Cheney are very, very slow.
Snow falling is the most enjoyable scene people like to visit such places where snow fall and they collect joys, memorious moments of life.

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  1. Attiq

    hmmmmm……!!!!!!!!!!!!! its time to holiday and enjoy in snow wwwwwoooooowwwwwwwww

  2. Muhammad

    Really Missing Snow of Kalaam and sawaat in pakistan ….. ITS WORTH SEEING THESE DAYS

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