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55+ Smokin guns and girls. Oh! aur revoir mon cherie


October 15, 2010Photography8 Comments

Smokin Guns and girls are having very close bond, which we have tried to show in this post. Please read carefully this is not a funny business before betraying your girl friend keep in your mind what consequences can be if she is having any secret identity. Ever thought of killing someone? No? Oh come on be honest, now that’s better! I know. Me too but I never managed to pluck the courage to even kill a bug, so nevermind. Although… I must confess that after having a little look at the below babies, I found myself actually saying the words: “Oh! aur revoir mon cherie” (French for: die you sucker!!!!!)

Hunter Girls with there Guns



Snipper – Sharpe Shooter Girls

Cowboy girl

Warrior Afghan Girl – With Her AK-47

Ready to Fight


The Mob

Smokin Gun

Should I?



Security Guard

Secret Agent

Police Officer

Paytime Now

Not so Heavy

Noir – Crime Girl

Noir – Crime Girl

Nerdy Killer

Look Behind you

Keep Quite

Hard Knockers

Hnads Up

Encounter Attack

Guns linger

Gun and Samurai

Guarding Abondent Car

Golc Girls Guns

Don’t Mess with sIsters

Training time Boys

Reallife Lara Croft

Burst Angel

Brutal Mirue


Tough Girl

Broken Heart

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  1. avg

    we gon’ party tonight

  2. sedo

    You pointed some nice topic. These tips are very helpful.

  3. Guido

    I love it :-)

  4. zohaib

    love the vampire girl with a gun

  5. Expert Graphics

    Don’t Mess with sisters. hahahaha. Great

  6. Bembi

    – это интернет магазин, игрушки в котором ориентированы на детишек различного возраста. Это не только детские товары для новорожденных, детская мебель, автокресла для перевозки малышей, детские коляски, но и сопутствующая продукция для мам

  7. Statue Fan

    Nice Burst Angel cosplay!

  8. www.ozoneeleven.com

    55 smokin guns and girls oh aur revoir mon cherie.. Great idea :)

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