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Brilliant wide-angle photography of Bridges


May 10, 2011PhotographyNo comments

More informally, in photography and cinematography, a wide-angle lens refers to a lens whose focal length is substantially shorter than the focal length of a normal lens for the image size produced by the camera, whether this is dictated by the dimensions of the image frame at the film plane for film cameras or dimensions of the photosensor for digital cameras. I love photography, but I’ve always thought that one of its biggest flaws is that you don’t get much of the feeling of immersion (or maybe that’s just me). But thankfully, there’s some lenses to correct that.

When I talk about immersion, I mean the fact that our eyesight of 180 degrees captures a long range of images, while pictures usually focus on something, and there’s not much left next to that focus point. There’s panoramic photography, but I find way uncomfortable looking at it… and there’s the wide-angle lenses that gives me the best feeling of all. It does not capture 180 degrees, but still captures much more than no special lenses at all. Anyways, this is a lot of jibberjabber (you’ve probably jumped to the pictures and didn’t read it at all, lol). These are some fantastic photographers that have taken some astonishing pictures. I urge you to visit them and check their work. I know they’ll appreciate it. Cheers! 😉

Many digital photographers get a little obsessed by the ability that their zoom lenses give them to get in nice and close to their subjects. While there’s a lot to be said for the power of zoom lenses (in fact many manufacturers are developing cameras with bigger and bigger lenses, photographers who exclusively shoot at the longer focal lengths that their camera and lens offer could be missing out on some wonderful perspectives and framings.

Today I want to present you with 40+ brilliant shots – all taken with wider focal lengths (mostly with 10mm lenses). I hope these give a little inspiration to rediscover the wider end of your camera’s zoom.

If you’ve got some wide angle images to share don’t forget to let us know to post some of them for the rest of us to see, be inspired by and learn from

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