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ShowCase of historical Classic Guitar and bass wallpapers


July 9, 2010ShowCases5 Comments

Guitar-like instruments have existed since ancient times (see the Guitar Museum), but the first written mention of the guitar proper is from the 14th century. In its earliest form it had three double courses (pairs) of strings plus a single string (the highest). The guitar probably originated in Spain, where by the 16th century it was the counterpart among the middle and lower classes of the aristocracy’s vihuela, an instrument of similar shape and ancestry with six double courses.

The electric guitar, developed for popular music in the United States in the 1930s, usually has a solid, nonresonant body. The sound of its strings is both amplified and manipulated electronically by the performer. American musician and inventor Les Paul developed prototypes for the solid-bodied electric guitar and popularized the instrument beginning in the 1940s.

In the early 1940s, a California inventor, Leo Fender, made some custom guitars and amplifiers in his radio shop and already was working on an amplifier (with no controls) and a matching lap steel guitar (with tone and volume controls). This was typical of the way the electric guitar was viewed at this time, as a total package, and not as an individual instrument. Today in this post we have gathered some classic & historical guitar wallpapers which the name of musician and who performed on them, Hope you like this post

Classic Guitar Megazine

Guitar Wallpaper Website

Slash’s 1959 Les Paul Replica

Roy Buchanan’s Fender Telecaster

Paul Simon’s Guild F-30 NT Special

Les Claypool’s Carl Thompson 6 String Fretlees Bass

Jimi Hendrix’s Gibson Flying V

Jeff Beck’s Fender Esquire

Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow Gibson Les Paul

Jack Bruce’s Gibson EB-0Bass

Eric Clapton’s Gibson Les Paul

Dimebag Darrell’s  ML Dean

Dick Dale’s Fender Stratocaster – The Beast

David Gilmour’s Fender Stratocaster

Clarence Gatemouth Brown’s Gibson Firebird

Bootsy Collin’s Space Bass

Bo Diddley’s Home made Guitar

Billy Sheehan’s Fender Precision Bass

Billy Gibbon’s Muddywood Guitar

Billy Gibbon’s Custom Peavey Viva LasVegas

Billy Gibbon’s Customized Fender Jaguar

Billy Gibbon’s Custom Gibson Lone Star

Berry Oakley’s Fender Jazz Bass

Albert Collin’s Fender Telecaster

Ace Frehley’s Gibson Les Paul Custom

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