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40 Incredible And Stunning Levitation Photos


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Levitation is one of the oldest and probably most effective tricks which has been used by people who wanted to look like they have some special abilities which others do not have.Levitation in paranormal context is the claimed rising of a human body into the air by mystical means. It is generally believed that there is, at present, no compelling evidence to suggest that paranormal levitation is a real phenomenon.The scientific and empiricist communities traditionally attribute such incidents to trickery, illusion, auto-suggestion, and unseen natural causes.The spiritualists and religious communities tend to interpret mystical levitation as the result of supernatural action of tuning in to

the Holy Spirit, spiritual energy, a deity, or sometimes from the influence of a poltergeist. Levitation is an aspect of psychokinesis. Yogic masters claim that mystical levitation can occur as a siddhi during higher levels of consciousness, such as mystical rapture, euphoria, or astral projection.These are 40 Incredible And Stunning Levitation Photos. A fine example of the power of digital photography used to create art.




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