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Icons : Download Free Icons Set For designer


November 19, 2011TutorialsNo comments

When it comes to icons, web designers and have an excellent opportunity to showcase their craft, prove their experience and explore their creativity. Beautiful and free icon sets always come in handy. Used properly and moderately, icons can be helpful to provide users with memorable metaphors and illustrations that would provide a visual support for otherwise unspectacular text blocks. This Icons : Download Free Icons Set For designer  is supposed to help designers improve their designs on their web-sites and in web-applications.Hope you will Enjoy it!

01 Free Halloween Vector Icon Set


02 Halloween Avatars

03 I Love Autumn Icons

04 Wifi Icons


05 Free Ecology Icons

06 RSS Icon with Black Gold Style

07 Free Vector Icons

08 JustVector Social Icons 1

09 Set of Vector Recycle Symbols

10 iChat icon

11 Web Button Collection

12  Free Iconset Iconnice

13 Eco Globe Vector

14 Recycle Icon Vector

15  Speech Bubble – Vector Logo

16 Selling Badges – Vector Icons

17 Hello Vector

 18 Business Desktop Icons

19 Valentine Love Icon Set

20 Office Icons


21 Phuzion Icon Set

22 Aeon Icon Set

23 Medicine – Vector Icon




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