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Sculpture : Creative Work Of Sculpture By Katemacdowell


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Free standing sculpture, sculpture that is surrounded on all sides, except the base, by space. It is also known as sculpture “in the round”, and is meant to be viewed from any angle.

Sculpture is three dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining solid materials naturally stone such as marble or metal, glass, or wood. Plastic materials can also be used, such as clay,textiles, plastics, polymers metals.The term has been extended to works including sound, text and light.

Found objects may be presented as sculptures. Materials may be worked by removal such as carving; or they may be assembled such as by welding, hardened such as by firing, or molded. Surface decoration such as paint may be applied. Sculpture has been described as one of the plastic arts because it can involve the use of materials that can be moulded or modulated. Today we collected Sculpture : Creative Work Of  Sculpture By Katemacdowell. These pieces are in part responses to environmental stressors including climate change, toxic pollution, and gm crops.we got these images from Katemacdowell

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